Patient experience solutions improve care environment of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide

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Achieving an effective patient environment with Ambient Experience

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia, was looking for a way to reduce patient and family apprehension during the scanning process and create a more effective patient environment. 


They looked to the Philips Ambient team to provide a patient care environment that would ease the stress of patients and their families. The Philips team created a calming, patient centered care environment through Ambient Experience. The results were astoundingly positive, with higher throughput, improved patient experience, and parent and staff satisfaction. 


The Ambient Experience does a magnificent job, breaking the ice and putting these people at ease. Having them control their environment means they walk into the room like they’ve been there before, they take ownership of where they are and what they’re doing.”

-Mr. Zabanias, Chief Radiographer,

Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide

Our Approach

Philips deployed a team to cater to the unique needs of this hospital. Unlike other pediatric care centers, Adelaide serves obstetric and gynecological patients as well as children. The team did extensive observation and interviewing with patients, family and staff to put together an all-encompassing plan. 


They identified areas of improvement stemming from a diverse patient population. The Adelaide scanners see both women and children, as well as bed bound inpatients and walk in patients. The team worked to devise a way to serve all patients while attaining a high throughput rate.


Philips assisted Adelaide in the implementation of an all-encompassing Ambient Experience in the MRI suite. This solution can be quickly and easily adjusted to create a patient environment that caters to the preferences of the differing demographics. Allowing patients to choose their own lighting, sound and projection experience provides a powerful distraction from an otherwise intimidating process. 


The responses received by the hospital after the installation of Ambient Experience were overwhelmingly positive. The scanning process now runs smoother and the hospital has to perform fewer repeat scans, resulting in an increase in throughput. Staff expressed greater pride and satisfaction working in the Ambient-enhanced area and demand has climbed dramatically in the department, gathering media attention and positive word of mouth from parents.

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