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The happiness project in Jordan; providing health and quality of life

Patient-centered care


Healthcare in the Middle East is full of complex challenges, continually testing the ability to deliver high quality of care. Philips patient-centric approach and integrated healthcare solutions help drive the costs down while improving the access to healthcare.


Our partnership with Farah Medical Campus in Amman, Jordan is unique. Farah Medical Campus will open a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital, which has patient experience firmly at the center of its ethics. Philips brings the latest innovations to the people of Jordan, positively impacting their lives.


The hospital becomes the first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) certified hospital in Jordan, and one of the largest centers in the world hosting Philips Ambient Experience.

Farrah Gen
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Take a VR tour of Farah Medical Center. For best viewing, please view in Chrome.

Our Approach

At Farah they believe holistic care revolves around evidence-based medical practices, advanced technology, clear communication and human emotions. Healthcare and medical treatment is a holistic journey to wellness.


Besides our advanced imaging technologies, Philips was approached for our unique capabilities in the patient experience area. Ambient Experience deployed a dedicated team of experts that worked closely together with the hospitals key stakeholders to attain insights in the needs, hopes, anxieties and concerns of patients, family and staff. Based on these findings, areas were identified that help create and build clinical and meaningful hospital environments enhancing the care delivery for patients as well as the care providers.


We delivered a package of 15 high end imaging solutions for the radiology-, cardiovascular and the nuclear medicine departments in addition to a suite of 20 Ambient Experience rooms with two KittenScanners. All contributing to a better patient, family and staff experience.

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Ambient Experience at Farah Medical Campus.

Purposefully Designed Healthcare Environment


Ambient Experience solutions

Philips Ambient Experience is an approach to clinical environment design, aimed at improving the patient, family and staff experience. Our solutions integrate dynamic lighting, sound and video that create positive distractions for patients as well as recommendations for effective workflow, storage and processes within the facility.


Ambient Experience with the Kittenscanner


The Philips team also installed two KittenScanners (small scale scanners) which are designed to reduce fear and playfully educate children about the scanning process. As the child scans a toy, a display tells how the scanner works on the figure and why the exam is needed. As children play with the KittenScanner, attention is focused on learning and having fun, positively impacting the pediatric experience as well as patient and parent satisfaction.

As a child of 3.5 it is very easy to get caught up and get scared from other things. I think the fact that she was so distracted with the beautiful colors and dynamic movement of the images was very stimulating for her. As a parent it was very comforting.”

Meyce Alaud-Din

mother of Selma

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