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Achieving the right fit with Amara is easy.


Amara gel and silicone cushions are available in four interchangeable sizes that fit over 95% of faces — petite, small, medium and large — to find your most comfortable fit. We encourage you to try each cushion size to find one that allows you to breathe easily and has the best fit.


Follow the instructions below to achieve the right fit for your Amara sleep apnea mask with the gel or silicone cushion. Or watch the instructional video.

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Amara Gel Introduction



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Amara fitting guide

Step 1

Before putting on the mask, grip the headgear clips and twist away from the frame to disconnect.


Important! Wash your face. Do not use moisturizer or lotion on your hands or face.

Step 2

Pull the mask over your head and hold the mask against your face.


Note: You may need to loosen the headgear to a larger setting.

Step 3

Holding the mask in place, reconnect the headgear clips by pushing them back onto the frame.


Note: The headgear should lie flat against the back of your head

Step 4

Pull back the tabs to evenly adjust the top and bottom straps. The forehead pad should touch gently.


Important! Do not over-tighten. The headgear should fit loosely and comfortably.

Step 5

If needed, press and hold the forehead adjustor button to increase or decrease the pressure on your nose and chin.

Step 6

Assume different sleeping positions and move around until comfortable. Use bottom headgear straps to reduce leaks at the sides of your mouth.


Note: Some air leaking is normal. Make final adjustments while lying down.

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